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On the other hand, a pneumatic jack in the form of air bags is able to reach remote seats at a small distance between support and load, and thus has a large area of the pickup. Most of these jacks are used for emergency and rescue operations. We now turn to mechanical jacks. Screw jacks. Principle of such lifting devices known to mankind since the time of Archimedes.

In particular the Archimedean screw with the raised water. Screw jack uses the same principle – on the screw hinged arm pickup, the rotation of the screw moves the shoulder on it up or down, depending on the direction of rotation. Distinguish vertical and horizontal (rombovye) screw jacks. Vertical jack familiar to us as part of a staff repair kits VAZ – L-shaped rod with a handle on top. Pick-up of the ram was fixed and pivotally inserted into a groove in the bottom of the Lada. Load-bearing parts of the body and are jacking screw.

Overall describe such a construction is difficult, especially in recent years, he was virtually no alternative. The great disadvantage, of course, was the need to mount a jack designed exclusively for for this place. Place as it was clogged with mud and property in every possible way to deform. Raise the jack that anything other than the classic car industry or the same classic, but in an inappropriate place constructors can not, because that the vertical screw jack as it fell out of the market of devices for lifting vehicles.

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