Academic Career

| November 21, 2013

After to lock up its bacharelado one, Smith returned the Esccia and started its academic career, first giving doubtful courses of English literature e, for return of 1750, it was turned the treatment of problems of the economy, come to create a good reputation in the half academic. Then, he was elect to give lessons […]

International Monetary Fund

| November 19, 2013

The triumph of Strap in Ecuador, reelected with a 51.7% of the votes, fortifies the left movements that come giving in the region. This block, constituted by Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Cuba and Paraguay, has chosen to fortify the participation of the State in the economy and to reframe its relation with the United States. 21st […]

Taking Care

| November 13, 2013

The skin is not static but it changes based on the age and the circumstances. In order to take care of the skin it is fundamental to adapt our routine of beauty to our specific needs that they vary as we turned years. The key word in the decade of the 20 is: Prevention. Although […]

International Commission

| November 7, 2013

In this same Freire direction (2006), considers a problematizadora education, that forms a critical citizen, participativo and operating in the society with the objective to transform it so that all have equal chances. This is ' ' education libertadora' ' , joust and igualitria, that its ontolgica vocation awakes in the individual, that is, to […]