Ovdio Rome

| November 1, 2017

It was part circulates of it centered around the protector Marcus Valrius Messala Corvinus, but he seems to have been friend of poets I circulate in it of Maecenas. In Tristia, Ovdio mentioned friendships with Macer, Proprcio, Horcio and Bassus (it badly only knew Virgilio and Tibullus, another member I circulate of it of Maecenas […]


| June 21, 2016

New Kids magazine for the German-speaking Europe on about 40 pages reported the journal agrarKIDS under the slogan agriculture discover and understand”the readers and readers of all aspects of the agricultural sector. Children from 5 to 12 years, growing up in the country and whose Eltern in agriculture as farmers, growers or agricultural small and […]

Florbela Espanca

| June 10, 2016

According to poem can assume that You appeal was person muitorara and very loved, person of great importance for Florbela. According to AntonioFreire (1977: 57) described the relation thus: ' ' The certain that Florbeladedicava to the brother a friendship, a ternura, as of mother the scared son. Except it who better understands, who looked […]

Dieter Thomas Heck (Peter Lanz)

| May 8, 2014

Dieter Thomas Heck biography – yellow press in book format rear works like a muzzleloader, if it occurs anywhere beyond holes into the brains of his listeners his language load – then nobody has an ear for what Stern says or writes Peter Lanz for him. As does this biography. It is in itself an […]

Jacopo Sannazareo

| January 3, 2014

In Rome, it attracted for these meetings the fine flower of local intelligence, forming one cenculo intellectual that, after its death, if would transform into the Arcadia (1690). It was born, thus, with regulations and programs, the new academy, composed of 16 members. It had the objective to lead back to the source of the […]


| August 27, 2013

To write is a challenging action. It is to be part of the life of the people!It is a form to educate. To act in this area goes beyond specializations, abilities and abilities. I with the other, the professional with the reader demand comprometimento of. It is also e, mainly, to be gotten passionate! Gotten […]