Market Volatility

| June 29, 2013

Trade in today’s dollars the financial crisis intensifies can who the federal Government follow intervening volumes declined considerably in the beginning of the session night view probably estimated great volatility to the dollar will continue to weaken for the martesTodos hours EASTERN (- 4 GMT) 8: 30 am, USD Core CPI m/m 8: 30 am, […]

Guerrilla Marketing

| June 19, 2013

The FlashMob emerge in the 2000s as a logical consequence to the beginning of the use of social networks. People who are known together with people who do not know to do something in spoken in a place and date agreed for a specific purpose. At its inception, the FlashMob had an uncertain impact, but […]

Quality Marketing

| June 13, 2013

The average man does not want to tell you if the market is bull or bassist. What you want is to tell you, specifically, what value buy or sell. He wants something for nothing. You don’t want to work. You don’t even want to think. Jesse Livermore the Chair of markets of the graduate program […]

International Market

| June 4, 2013

Marketing in action: among worst appear the situation, less effort is required to change it and has greater potential for advancement. George Soros General insist on highlighting the importance for the Venezuelan SMEs according to their products, administrative structures, and their resources, take very seriously the opportunities that are occurring in the country, despite the […]