Bogota Book

| March 31, 2016

Bogota held a tribute to the beautiful words in the world, a tribute to the book as the full essence of culture. The 23rd International Book Fair has opened its doors to readers who are interested in throughout Latin America since the Colombian capital annually celebrates one of the most important fairs for Spanish-speaking readers, […]

Luxottica Iberian FasionNews

| March 31, 2016

As reported this week the Luxottica Iberian FasionNews web, the glamorous brand of Domenico (Dolce) and Stefano (Gabbana), has presented its new collection of sunglasses with Animalier print. The signs of this release are creativity, sensuality and elegance, features that perfectly meets Naomi Campbell, campaign and intimate friend of the Italians. In colors as blue, […]

Costa Rica

| March 31, 2016

Highly worker. Unlike what you have preached some authors, in internet ventures, presented as something too easy, they require much work and effort. Let us remember that the valuable things cost, so, if what we want is having a business (company) of great value, we have to have as a quality hard work. Only in […]

Renny Yagosesky

| March 28, 2016

When constituting itself autoconcepto-self-esteem in an affective mental unit that with the individual development Integra within the structure of the personality, is acquiring a regulating potential of conduct, great relevance and in a producing center of diverse emotional states. Of this form, if the self-esteem is high express the feeling of which one is " […]