| January 15, 2014

This proposal sends to the question that the pertaining to school institution argues and the speech obligatorily that guides the relations between professor and pupil, understood as action of different subjetividades. The speech would be, at last, only resulted of produced enunciated appropriations of the social instituted one and the repetitive use of already in […]

The Accomplishment

| January 3, 2014

The determination of the necessities of the professors as one of the estruturantes categories of the formative programs it must take in account the fact of, in determined times, the necessity not to show in reason of the unfamiliarity that the proper professors possess regarding the nature of new requirements of the professional work. (NEZ, […]

International Commission

| November 7, 2013

In this same Freire direction (2006), considers a problematizadora education, that forms a critical citizen, participativo and operating in the society with the objective to transform it so that all have equal chances. This is ' ' education libertadora' ' , joust and igualitria, that its ontolgica vocation awakes in the individual, that is, to […]

Problematic Environment

| October 24, 2013

What all have in common, according to related informative, is the fact of that: ' ' The state not yet has no community quilombola with lands titleholders. (…) The definitive heading of ownership of the lands will prevent the pressure that today suffer the traditional communities on the place where vivem.' ' What if it […]


| October 5, 2013

AS TO ORGANIZE the PEDAGOGICAL WORK IN the INFANTILE EDUCATION Vamilson Souza D Espindola SUMMARY: Historically, in Brazil, the Infantile Education has been faced of diverse forms: as function of social assistance, as sanitary function or hygienical e, more recently, as pedagogical function. In general way, we can say that, in our country, two types […]

Learn Languages Abroad

| January 15, 2013

Thanks to advances in science medical human life expectancy is becoming longer, therefore there are many fruitful years that remain even after retiring from working life. In fact, many older adults are with a lot of free time on their hands, and seek different alternatives to be able to take full advantage the remaining you […]


| November 11, 2012

In the conception of Wallerstein (1990, P. 91), ' ' you discipline them are intellectually coherent object groupings of different studies between si' ' , what it sends in them to the concept positivista of science that is unaware of the influence of the social processes in its construction, that is, appears as a pure […]