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The Spirit of the Truth The true Comforter. All the things have its moment certain to exist, and to happen, in the life and the universe. It swims happens by chance Passed more than 2000 years of the material or visual presence of Jesus Christ, next to the people and incipient and ignorant communities that inhabited the regions of the Middle East, where Christ was present, can be understood better because that time was the chosen certain time for its pregaes. In the reality the moral teachings announced by Jesus Christ objectified long reach and, accurately, not to oportunizar an ethical, short-term revolution, in the behavior of the peoples who, in those times, had had the privilege to hear its parabolas and pregaes. Those peoples were people very delayed, even because Science also the age, and needed to evolve very.

But, she was necessary to happen in the primrdios, so that, currently, ahead of a clarified auditorium more, was possible to understand its teachings better. Today, passed all these long years, many of we, still have doubts on determined inserted questions in its affirmations He has who does not believe the veracity of them, continuing in the blindness and moral, peculiar ignorance to the peoples of last times. Jesus Christ proclaimed, revealing to its disciples and circunstantes, the affirmations that if follow and that they are the base of the thesis nominada for the heading that heads this article: Joo 14:16,17,26 ‘ ‘ I will supplicate the Father and it he will give another Parclito to you (Comforting) that he will be with you forever ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ a Spirit of the Truth, that the world cannot receive (still) because it does not see it knows nor it. Know it because she is in you and he remains with you (latent) ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ But the Parclito, the Espirito Santo, that the Father will send in my name, it will teach everything to you and disse’ will bring you to the memory how much you; ‘ As well as Jesus Christ it needed to come, at a remote time, therefore that one would be the certain moment of the sowing of the moral truth, and the life, for harvest future, the Comforting proclaimed one, the Spirit of the Truth, also had its moment certain to arrive until us Its first manifestations had occurred in middle of century nineteen, more necessarily in the year of 1848, U.S.A.

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