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Destruction of confidential documents: Eco-Shredder on 8 November published a story in which ensured that the majority of companies in Spain could be fined for infractions among others of not adopting the security measures of the information they handle. What to do with all those documents that accumulate day after day and that contain personal information such as registration tax, accounting, files of clients, shopping, etc.? We must not forget that the data security principle established in article 9 of the organic law 15/1999, imposes on the person responsible for the file the measures necessary technical and organisational measures to guarantee the security of the personal data and avoid their alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access. We must therefore act accordingly and, especially for companies, perhaps in compliance with this law or in cases more ends to prevent possible industrial espionage, might require recourse to the destruction of documents confidential. Today we present eco-shredder, a company founded in 2005 which, as we are told, is born with the clear purpose of providing an exclusive service and maximum confidentiality and security in the process of destruction of documentation for the immediate destruction of documents and files in situ cleaning. We take care that nobody familiar with information and your company’s confidential data.

Document management secure, efficient and respectful with the environment. To request the services we can do so in a timely manner by phone or on a scheduled basis, in this case, are installed for free (exclusive eco-Shredder) containers with safety lock and lyt0382 with proof of evidence of tampering. From here the personnel of the company only has to deposit the documents are of a confidential status or containing protected data. Eco-Shredder is in charge of the rest. Depending on the volume of material you need to destroy our system will generate a recurring schedule, and a regular schedule of collection and destruction in situ adjusted to the needs of each client. Another service is the deleted logical, an appropriate action if you want to get rid of old computers, which consist of multiple passes of writing about each one of the sectors where is stored the information, some with random patterns, some with fixed patterns that ensure compliance with the standard used by the NAVY and DoD security forces. Eco-Shredder certify the total destruction and subsequent recycling of confidential documents to ensure compliance with the legislation and regulations concerning data protection and environmental management. More information at source: press release sent by ecoshredder.

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