The Socialists

| May 31, 2013

Socialist States of the twentieth century created successful systems of health, education and safety efficient serving the majority of the workers. The majority of the socialist States eliminated foreign control and exploitation of natural resources and in some cases were developed various industrial economies. Official site: Facebook. In general the standard of living increased, crime […]

Peruvian State Live

| May 27, 2013

Much is is speaking in Peru of economic takeoff, the boom in finance, economic growth, but little discussed the sad reality of a village abandoned by the Peruvian State in the walk. We’re talking about a people who live in poverty, misery, despite their enormous wealth. Apurimac Department whose etymology of his name in Quechua […]

European Commission

| May 27, 2013

The Ministry of agriculture and fisheries, through its paying agency, begins to transfer the copay of the single payment scheme, in respect of direct payments of the CAP from December 17 involving an amount of about 762 million with which 97.8% of the total amount of single payment rights assigned to Andalusian farmers will be […]

General Carrera Lake

| May 27, 2013

INHABITANTS of AYSeN WATERLESS resident custodian Rivas, of Villa Cerro Castillo and partner of the heirs grouping of Patagonia, expressed that a long time ago that this is happening. We are against dams not only on the Baker River, in General Carrera Lake or in Villa Cerro Castillo, because it hurts the whole region, from […]