Venezuelan Management

| January 27, 2014

Carlos Mora Vanegas Venezuelan management should be located more in the reality of the competitive requirements, determine that many enterprises, especially SMEs, lacking a culture of total quality, what this represents in the successful operation of any company. You must delve into that enterprise a genuine philosophy of total quality, that is a fact embodies […]

Best Weight

| January 19, 2014

In which consists the method method is to teach you how to turn off the switch of FAT(lo que te mantiene gordo) and that things follow and understand this method is designed so that you miss your envelope weight forever, bone, once you get to your normal weight you will thus continue forever since you […]

Multilevel Collaborate Success

| January 18, 2014

The most efficient way of achieving success in successful multilevel, is always act with a positive mindset, seeking not only the personal, if not benefit at all times that of the whole, so this way the company can grow complies do all their members, achieving that each one in particular can succeed. Is why each […]

Saint Augustin

| January 11, 2014

By means of this conciliation, could be convinced the heathen ones and be converted them it the truths of the new religion, the Christianity (Chaui, 2002). Thus, the patrstica philosophy has a evangelizadora task; its main subject says respect to the conciliation between Faith and Reason, and its great representative is Saint Augustin. THEY ARE […]

Jacopo Sannazareo

| January 3, 2014

In Rome, it attracted for these meetings the fine flower of local intelligence, forming one cenculo intellectual that, after its death, if would transform into the Arcadia (1690). It was born, thus, with regulations and programs, the new academy, composed of 16 members. It had the objective to lead back to the source of the […]


| January 2, 2014

You can offer the products you want in the quantity that you want. What you do to promote any product is to register on the web site of ClickBank. Once you have an account, go through the ClickBank market, which is the place where the products are displayed and find an extensive list of available […]


| January 2, 2014

The fashion searchs to ahead express a standard of the social classrooms and the times being considered then ephemeral and with the objective to divide or to unify ideas and behaviors. Its bigger expositor can be considered as being the clothes, therefore it this on one to the man since the beginning of the life, […]