| October 31, 2012

Selective collection of the garbage; 6. Recycling of the garbage; 7. To develop workshops with the sectors of plastic arts and experimental kitchen (bag confection you among others returned from remnant and prescriptions of reaproveitamento of foods); 8. To apply good the practical ones in the process of food formation in the experimental kitchen; 9. […]

After World War

| October 29, 2012

Following this same line of reasoning is notable who many times the State tries to make its part, however many times the corruption, real estate speculation and other typical acts people me hinder it to the faith to make it, placing to the dispossession disposal lands that do not take care of the necessities of […]

Pepo Perez

| October 26, 2012

" In the last year the area that has grown more is clearly the one of cmic" , it explained Target, that also praised the talent that shows the authors " young people and not so jvenes" in Spain, many of which have their works in the bookcases of the fair. He remembered in addition […]


| October 23, 2012

With our agendas so overloaded and the just a short time available one, sometimes it costs to find to us a hollow to go of purchases. If above, we must go accompanied of the children, the situation still is possible to be complicated more. I will give my tricks you to go of purchases with […]