When It Happiness

Posted By on April 14, 2014

These three words are: this will also pass. When I feel deeply grieved me comfort thinking that this will happen too; When I feel proud of the success I advertire me that this will happen also. When I feel oppressed by poverty I will tell me that this will happen too; When It is overwhelmed riches will remember that this will happen also. Certainly, where is he who built the pyramid? He is not buried within its stones? And will the pyramid some day not be buried under the sand? Do if these things pass away, why should I worry today? I reire of the world. I thing this day with laughter; I’ll frame tonight with a song. I will never work to be happy; rather I will work very hard to be not sad. Today I will enjoy the happiness of today. It is not grain to be stored in a box.

It is not wine to save in a crock. You can not be maintained for tomorrow. It should be planted and harvested the same day and this will I do from now on. I reire of the world. And my laughter all things shall be reduced to its true. I reire of my failures and they vanish into clouds of new dreams; I reire of my successes and they shall be reduced to its true value.

Me reire of evil, which succumb without being tested. Me I reire goodness, and it will prosper and shall abound. The day will be triumphant only when my smiles cause smiles in others, because those who make bad gesture may not buy my goods. I reire of the world. Hereafter I will pour out only tears of sweat, because the tears that are born from the sadness, remorse, frustration do not have value in the market, while every smile can be redeemable for gold and each kindly Word, spoken from the heart, can build a castle. Never allow that I become so important, so wise, so serious and reserved, so powerful, that I forgot to laugh myself and my world. In this issue will always remain a child, because only as a child has been granted me the ability to admire others; and while I admire to another I never build me an excessive opinion of myself. I reire of the world. And while you can laugh I will not be never poor. This is one of the greatest gifts of nature, and I do not malgastare more. Only with laughter and happiness I can I become a real successful man. Only with laughter and happiness I can enjoy the fruits of my labor. If it wasn’t, it would be better that it failed, because happiness is the wine that refines the taste of the food. To enjoy the success I have happiness, and laughter will be the maiden who serves me. I’ll be happy; I’ll have success; I will be the biggest seller the world has known.

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