What Happens Under The Guise Of Mysticism And Life Assistance

Posted By on August 22, 2016

Is sometimes a gall what is allowed here. Esotericism is a philosophical doctrine for a limited circle of inner person in the original meaning of the term (ancient Greek: esoterikos internally). Other meanings of the word refers to an inner, spiritual knowledge way (mysticism or a higher absolute knowledge). This term is also used for a wide range of spiritual and occult teachings and practices. Esotericism is understood as a term for mysteries. Unfortunately, more and more so-called healers who offer their services and seminars for a lot of money can be found in the esoteric. If you ask these healers but where they have their universal energy produced, of which they speak, you get but no response. You want to even discuss with esoteric, they are equally offensive and withdraw right completely.

This then repeatedly confirmed that such people are simply not in a position to prove that what they do. You go to the homepage of Eckard Haase, you can Read stories of people who were esoteric and dropped out. It was appalling to read these stories and I found that it is reasonable to make a press release about it once. Esoterics rooms is their faith together and work even in the name of God what I perceive as the greatest blasphemy. Seminars are offered, bringing one nothing, except for a hole in the wallet. And the people who subsequently, if your wallet is empty, getting worse. And then an Esoterics is no longer as such for one.

And it isn’t well even the most esoteric. You have a so-called clairvoyant, but bring it rarely to something in their life. But it does make everyone his own experiences. Who doesn’t want to hear must feel flat. Makes you thoughts about yourself! Any person who is insured, can rely on a psychologist or should talk to a real friend about his problems, as himself in a back room the last euros out of pocket to let. Company information: Wolfgang Fiedler was most born 23.12.1956 in Landau an der ISAR (Bayern) and now lives with his family in the vicinity of Hassloch. He is author of the book, hobby Cook and hardly. Employee. He wrote together with the author of contactor the Cookbook: but meat dishes please carbohydrate-poor: ISBN: 978-3-86850-3227 (trediton-Verlag) media contact: Wolfgang Fiedler Lutzelstrasse 67459 Bohl Iggelheim

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