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Example: In a few years to be built, there is already some capital. Interest rate security is as important considered. Acceptance: 25,000 exist, can be applied, in 4 years, a loan is required. Investment interest of 2.5 and 3% is taken into account. Premiums are not taken into account! Investment credit after 4 years savings 25000 0.5% 24879 (Wustenrot) investment 25000 created with interest rate of 2.5% 27.595,32 investment 25000 created with interest rate of 3% 28.137,72 at the building society savings is after 4 years on the basis of the charges less money available, as was applied. Therefore, the loan, which must be recorded, is low. From which rate would be more lucrative now the savings? Loan interest repayment rate term total cost method 61200 2.8% 300 12j1m 68500 loan amount 33.604,6 8 4.5% 299 12j1m 68355 loan amount 33.062,28 300,13 12j1m 68518,85 if the interest rates rise in 4 years about 4.7%, would be 4.7% this contractor the better alternative! Savings plan compared to a savings of 7 years. It to be built in 7 years.

Interest rates are at the moment to get between 3 and 3.5% on savings plans, 7 years term monthly credit after 7 years savings 300 24.553 Schwabisch Hall 300 investment created with interest of 3% 28.033,12 applied is 28.536,81 also here the savings plan with interest rate of 3.50% after 7 years in the benefit and the loan, which must be recorded, is low. Would be this variant is interesting from what interest rate? Loan interest TilgungsrateLaufzeit total cost method 61000 3.75% 366 9J10M 67418 loan amount 32.966,88 5.20% 357,13 9J9M 67390,94 loan amount of savings is a bet against the building societies: in this example, if the loan rate in 7 years higher than about 5.5% is obtained. So for safety-conscious investors who intend to finance, a serious alternative in the course of the next few years. But here too, just compare makes sense, not the first savings in the Bank representative to the corner lock, but first clarify what you want and at a compare good estate agent. At worse rates, the Bank loan interest should be well above 6%, so that is worth the savings. Specialized brokers provide a comparison of the savings bank or building society savings representatives offer only the rates of our own society! Contact for the press: Judith Schmied main street 26 89233 Neu-Ulm phone 0731 / 9727093 fax 0321 / 23460344 eMail: Judith.Schmied @ financial team-Schmied.de

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