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In the relation between visual and tactile system we see both senses they are related and they worked independently, when lack a sense as the view as is in the film are developed plus that they are in contact with the enemy with the external reality, considering that the visual system is one of which it extends beyond the body we can say that the relation enters both depends on the development which they own of each of them and from the law of gestalt where we only associated concepts but nonimpulses brought about by the stimulus, for example is easy to determine with the tactile sense a smooth texture that with the visual sense, is possible to write down that the protagonist at the time of discriminating new information that receives atravez of the visual system not manages it to interpret i/o to apply it under the new parameters that the perception of visual reconnaissance represents. Relation between images visual concept and tactile: When we spoke of concepts we must know clearly that this it is a hypothetical construction than we perceived, because the protagonist becomes evident that when of the film ” at first sight ” it sees the world from a strictly conceptual construction and tiltil, as we before mentioned the soda water tin concept, it does not have any type of relation with the concept that we handled literally, our brain only relates when the senses take part, in this case the tactile sense and the line of vision, if we touched an object X that never we have seen we will not be able to define it to less than we associate than it with a previous concept.

The perceived images or constructions. The image of an object we only can define it we have perceived if it with the totality of our perceptive systems, an image by itself does not represent no concept in our brain.

The difference between seeing and watching consists that when we see with our eyes, it is when these collect of the atmosphere that surround to us, in himself, analogically work like a camera filmmaker which catches the signals emitted by phenomena such as reflectance, luminosity, you are based perception of forms etc., already we have mentioned that the images perceived in if no they represent the reality, because the one is our brain that watches, this is the one that processes the data, this we see when the protagonist clearly it it sees the apple in a way printed in the magazine and it sees when it as it is really, when the headress the apple can to say that it is because it counts on previous information (tactile memory) unlike which it does not count on visual reconnaissance and it cannot define it. The experience and perception according to the film show to us clearly as the lack of visual experience distorts the conception of the world, that we have the sense of the intact view we can to define an object under the same parameters because we counted on experience that has modeled and defined our concepts. In all the examples as the tin, the car in movement, the apple, the conception of art, recognizing of faces, even tonality and the basic perception, is modeled by the experience because it is evident that for us it is normal, unlike the protagonist who when she sees for the first time does not recognize nor processes the information. Original author and source of the article..

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