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Posted By on November 17, 2012

That it is better stops firming in them in the faith: prosperity or adversity? THE SUFFERING AND A REALITY IN THE CHRISTIAN LIFE OF ALL AUTHENTIC SPREAD BY THE WORLD. ' ' Which resisted firm in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions if fulfill between your brothers in mundo.' ' (I Peter 5: 9) God allows that your children in the entire world pass for suffering. Why it is not glad itself with suffering of the Christ, but with a beneficial intention, that can be explained with the fact that if follows. Certain time a servant of God was perplexa with the great number of afflictions that seemed to make of it its target. One day, passing for a vine in the esplendor of the autumn, noticed that the grapevines were not trimmed and that its foliage exhibited a vio luxuriante. It noticed despite the harmful grass and capim was growing there to the will and that the land seemed total in incautiousness. While he considered that, God gave a so precious message to it that it could not leave to pass has advanced it: ' ' Son, you does not understand the reason of as many provaes in its life? She observes this vine and she learns the lesson that is there.

The farmer leaves to trim, to dig the land, to clean or of spoon the mature fruit, when he does not wait more nothing of the vine in that station. It is left of side because the fruit station already passed, and any effort in this occasion would not bring resulted. The free life of suffering reflects the same one uselessness. You want, therefore, that I stop to trim its life? I must leave delivers it same itself? ' ' the consoled heart exclamou: ' ' Not? It noticed why the fights and a constant in your life.

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