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Posted By on November 13, 2013

The skin is not static but it changes based on the age and the circumstances. In order to take care of the skin it is fundamental to adapt our routine of beauty to our specific needs that they vary as we turned years. The key word in the decade of the 20 is: Prevention. Although the skin is young is necessary to take care of it and to acquire good habits. It is important to begin to acquire basic knowledge on the care of the skin and to follow simple routines of beauty. Our basic products to the 20 years are: The cleaning products, we must tomorrow wash to us to the face and night. It does not matter that we arrive tired or very behind schedule.

In order to have the skin in good state we must remove makeup to us and eliminate all the impurities of the face before putting us in the bed. It chooses a gel cleaner that is rinsed with water in case your skin is greasy and if your skin is dry you can choose cleaners in cream or with oils. The tonic is optional but to the greasy skins they usually like the sensation of coolness that they provide. It verifies that it does not contain alcohol because it can irritate to the skins sensible. The hidratante cream: If you have the greasy skin, something very common to the 20 years is possible that you do not need to more in one go use hidratante cream to the day.

It chooses one that is noncomodegnica and if it is possible that it also includes protective lot. If your skin is dry and tense it notes throughout the day you are not scared to return to use hidratante cream, especially in the months more colds in those than the skin dehydrate still more. The solar protector: it is our ally to fight the undesirable effects of the sun and to prevent wrinkles and spots. One is not to only use it during the months of summer but throughout the year. The sun rays also have effects on the skin even when he is cloudy. Other good habits that we can acquire during this time have to do with the style of life and the feeding. I gave not the tobacco and if you have still not begun to smoke, it follows thus because the effects on the skin are ominous. Taking rich antioxidant products as the fruits of the forest (strawberries, bilberries) and those rich in acids Omega-3. What well-taken care of anti-age to use? In the middle of the 20, when they begin to mark the lines to you of expression you can begin to use well-taken care of anti-age with elements like retinol or alfahidroxicidos recognized by the anti-wrinkle properties. Like in other facets of the life, he is more effective to come up than to cure, so it learns more soon possible to take care of your skin, she is the unique one that you have!

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