Best Product Money

| August 1, 2016

People are tired of products in industrialized countries we have everything and we sell everything everywhere. If you place to think about what they really would like to buy, leaving aside your basic needs and those of your loved ones, surely one of the words that would go through your head would be: travel. More […]


| August 1, 2016

Nicodemos said to it: How can a man be born, being old? He can, porventura, to become to enter in the womb of its mother, and to be born? Jesus answered: In the truth, in the truth I say that one to you that not to be born of the water and the Spirit, cannot […]

Science and Technology

| May 9, 2016

Tanatologia Science that studies the involved phenomena in the event death. Research and applies serious ways to work in favor of patient, without therapeutical possibilities? the call ‘ ‘ sick person terminal’ ‘ – and also with its familiar ones. Not forgetting the professionals health whom they deal with these patients. How He started? In […]