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Posted By on October 12, 2013

E this love guideline on the will that results of our actions and intentions, therefore when our actions will be in accordance with our intentions is that in them we will become coherent harmonious and leader people. The leadership and the love are on to the essence, the personal character, having as construction qualities the patience, goodness, humildade, self-denial, respect, pardon honesty and commitment. Being that such qualities need to be developed and to be ripened by leaders who search the success and the victory in the test of the time. To be considered leader, she is necessary to love the others, treating them as we would like to be treated, donating they to it, serving and satisfying its necessities, exactly that this results to sacrifice its proper necessities and wills, for then constructing to authority and influence on the people. The leader is responsible for the environment that exists in its area of influence having to fulfill with its responsibilities.

Therefore she has the power to determine the behavior of its supervisors and supervised, creating a healthful environment people to grow them and to have success, to the step that is proper they that they must make its proper choices to move, since all want to change the world, but do not want to change itself exactly. In this direction she is necessary much disciplines in order to teach to make it to us what she is not natural. Passing for four periods of training to acquire new habits or abilities, in the first one we ignore the behavior and we do not interest in them to learn, in as we take conscience of the behavior, but we do not develop the practical one, in third we are each time more experienced and in we feel them more comfortable with the new behavior and in the room period of training already we incorporate the behavior to the habits and the proper nature. To discipline to lead with authority is a declaration of personal mission, is to risk itself, but such disciplines will bring profits and benefits, as the interior satisfaction and the certainty to know that it is in true tunning with the deep and permanent principles of the life. Being able to the end of this analysis to evidence that the author in them presents a style of more liberal leadership, that demonstrates to more interest and attention to its subordinate, from the moment that defends that the leader must serve, recognizing the led necessities of its, and satisfying, exactly that of this he results to sacrifice its proper necessities, but such sacrifice will result in rewards, as joy to know that it was marked with the responsibilities assumed at the moment of the choice of being a true leader.

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