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To write is a challenging action. It is to be part of the life of the people!It is a form to educate. To act in this area goes beyond specializations, abilities and abilities. I with the other, the professional with the reader demand comprometimento of. It is also e, mainly, to be gotten passionate! Gotten passionate for what one becomes. My profession gave the possibility to me to qualify, to convince and at the same time to comover the reader, the apprentice; to provoke and to potencializar the resources of the language, its use as factor of transformation and its paper as inclusion agent. Here it is my suggestions: It gives much attention in you yourselves and the people surround who it.

It observes and it analyzes everything that it of a pleasure, either in the intellectual, emotional scope or exactly physicist. It searches aprofundadamente to develop with criterion the subject of its interest. It transforms what you observed and searched in a different idea, attractive. It establishes a proper language. Each one it has an original way of if expressing. Despite it has difficulties, it continues. The content of its idea interests the reader? It determines the public who you intend to reach: infantile, youthful or adult and in the varied professional categories or social classes. What you wrote is clearly? It reads and it rereads the text, without haste. It reflects. The most important of everything, does not think that, then of beginning, its book goes to become a Best Seller. This takes time and demands much patience and devotion.

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