Rio De Janeiro

Posted By on October 17, 2017

The samba would have been tempered of a different form in each quarter of the city. This urban samba was assigned as the main chain of urban Brazilian music popular, established throughout years 30, and had as resulted of the transculturao between the diverse social classes that composed the city of Rio De Janeiro. Another definition given for Orestes Barbosa for the samba is: ‘ ‘ The samba is more plastic. He is philosopher, class representative, familiar, pedagogical, scientific, statistical, legal, vingativo, generous, aclamador lover, ironic and sentimental.’ ‘ (1978, p.41). The samba would be the place or the form for which malandro relieves its incredulity or fixes its ironies.

The samba seems to load certain culture of protest, singing the miseries of the population. On the other hand, it is possible that the record consumption and the hearing deviate the artist-intellectual for a simple producer of merchandises. When taking care of to the concern of vender its productions of what to produce done music only for the taste, the samba loses its easied and ingenuous character, passing to be directed, to be made of form to try to please a clientele. Well, as pointed in this work the samba in its gnese treated to inside portray social adesigualdade existing of the called space city. It is perceived possibility to search the diverse forms of this distinction between people who inhabit and that of some form they divide territory the same, a time that appears the same in space. References: ALENCAR, Edigar of. The Carioca Carnival Through Music.

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