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Posted By on March 24, 2013

I’ve always said that a picture is worth more than thousand words, but a video is worth much more than create credibility in your business. As you well know in advertising TV spots bombarded with ads of all types to attract full attention of the psychic TV, and thus convince with the product. Well the Internet is the new television of the future, of echo and it is and it will remain so, as many of us spend more time on the Internet that watching TV. So if you are one of those who think with photos you got everything in your business, you let me tell you it deceived that you are, because many times the photos are not what is really certain that more than one occasion you’ve heard cases that on some portal certain people it was deceived in his travels to find another thing that was hired by Internet. This is the reality. We are in 2011, we have begun a new decade which will give much that talk, communications, the mode of selling, relationship etc.. The video shows live what is happening and we can let us see in a very simple way.

I’ve been seeing for more than 5 years all changes that has suffered Internet, although I’ve been since the beginnings of the Internet, but these last 5 has been the key, many companies are integrating online, and how to inform us also. Increasingly more people emerged with very similar ideas and some do not contribute anything new, sure that what you commented you does not sound new, but let me tell you that the future of tv, radio, and newspapers anger disappearing and at the end everything remains in the Internet, already thing really all computerised sera, but until then we have to realize that we have free and key tools that we can make them true weapons of marketing, and one of them is the video and the positioning of this on Google, position is important as sell, do not forget, because you can capture the attention of your customers more. I hope I helped with this article and tell you that you take action as soon as possible and promotions you cabbage video and you positions in the top of the Internet.

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