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UNIVERSITY OF the SOUTH OF Santa Catarina Course: Philosophy? Bacharelado 3 period the PHILOSOPHY OF DISCARDINGS AND the IDEA OF the METHOD Maria of the Favour Hisses Mouro SUMMARY: Modernity if configures in a period of great transformations in the most diverse sectors, bringing in its bulge the freedom of the man in if locating through questionings and reflections, propitiating unclasping of the rationality. Inside of this context the rationalism of Discardings appears, considering a method that it intends universal, leading the man to the valuation of the thought when considering a knowledge completely dominated by the reason. Word-key: Modernity. Rationality. Method. Cartesian rationalism INTRODUCTION Since much time, the man searchs explanation for its proper roots and the bases for the natural phenomena perceived by it.

In this direction, it creates and it develops the culture, through ethical and moral delimitations for the life in society. Elaborated thinking more of the origin to the philosophy, that if constitutes in a reflection systematics concerning the life and of all the things, whose search if makes in an attempt of approach with the wisdom and the happiness. Several are the philosophical sources that precede the rationalism of the modern time, that has Discardings as one of its illustrious representative greaters. The inquiry concerning the true knowledge always counted on valuable contributions, finding in the antiquity Greek a base and a rich point of origin for conceptualizations that arrive at the contemporaneidade. REN DISCARDINGS AND the MODERN PHILOSOPHY modernity constitutes an age of deep social, cultural transformations, religious and scientific. Factors as the maritime expansion, the creation of new cities and an emergent model of society, not now more feudal, are interlaced, contributing and at the same time, being possible for the advance of science. Valley to remember the words of JUNGBLUT (2010) if relating to the age Renascentista, prelude of the modern phase: The gradual growth of the commercial bourgeoisie and the economic activities stimulated the life urban, that she will be typical of modernity, differently of the agricultural life of medievo.

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