Mexican Soccer

Posted By on April 1, 2014

Mexico one has become an import country of players seems that the main interest is to buy soccer players of the foreigner do not trabjan the basic forces of the clubs, for that reason low the quality and the level of the Mexican soccer player in comparison with countries like Argentinean, Brazil until the United States, to been an impressive development in the last years old. Mexico before was the champion of concacaf now no longer is it but so that it has lowered the quality of Mexican soccer in comparison with the United States that to developed a programmed and planned remarkable progress. The great pays that receive the soccer players in Mexico they cause that he is little interesting to emigrate to other European countries and to be able to improve its level. Because they win well here and she is one of the 3 countries better paid in lationamerica. It must have a very deep reorganization on the part of the FMF and leave as much corruption that to obtained a single thing ” to lower the level of mexico” quality if it has the Mexican town we have the case of kept, rafa marquez, toasted, among others. Two elements are needed keys so that soccer improves: that the Mexico club is but flexible a the sales of players without introducing so many ties to the interested foreign equipment and that the own player risks to play outside Mexico. These steps would take time and disiplina of FMF until now are no advances in the level, the match without little attractive quality and for Mexico market outside.

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