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Posted By on May 8, 2014

The Guacamole is a sauce of origin Azteca, typical of the Mexican and Central American cuisine. It was introduced in Spain by the conquerors towards the 16th century but did not extend is because its main ingredient, the only Avocado growing up in tropical climates. In a typical recipe ingredients are crushed or crushed with an instrument by way of mortar called molcajate, in this case, I step through the Blender because I like the uniform mixture that offers. To make it in traditional way simply crush the ingredients in mortar. I also, added the lima will help to protect nutrients from oxidation while providing a more intense flavor. Serrano pepper is used in the original recipe but by not giving them I used chilli peppers, they are very similar yet less spicy but for the elaboration, will serve as equal.

To take it, I usually do with nachos, a few small corn tortillas are chips that you can find in any supermarket. Grab a nacho, drag it by the sauce as a shovel and take it to the mouth. A delicacy that I recommend that you do not fail to try. The history of reflection on the problems, wishes and dreams of the young, a secret world, of the Mexican Gabriel Marino, as well as the boliviano-mexicana co-production Pacha, Hector Ferreiro, which deals with the war of Bolivian gas and the discovery of their culture through a character, will contain along with Latin other American films within the selection Generation, where the marine film will compete for the official section PrizeThe Crystal bear. Within the Latin American shorts of the Berlinale, which consists of 27 films from 22 countries, listed germano-mexicana coproduction Ein Madchen namens Yssabeau (A Woman Called Yssabeau), Rosana Cuellar, which tells the story of a female deer that explores a foreign culture in the Forum, Berlinale section uruguayo-mexicano – French delay, Rodrigo presented Mexican restaurants co-production PLA, story that he has the relationship between Augustine and Mary, two beings who want to, but is uncomfortable at the same time. In addition to the film, the Mexican cuisine also will be present in Berlin from 12 to 17 February within the Culinary Cinema section where two Mexican films at the Martin-Gropius-Bau Museum will be screened: cinnamon, debut of Jordi Mariscal, and El Lupe’s cow of Blanca Aguerre. The feature of this exhibition is that, after the film screenings, are served meals prepared by chefs of prestige, and when you touch the time of desserts, there is a talk about the themes of the film between the team members of the film and subject matter experts.

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