MaxXwon Survey: Despite Economic Crisis Give German Like

Posted By on August 17, 2016

Even in the global financial crisis and the related uncertainties continue to like to present you the Germans. San Jose (ot) in the maxXwon poll how much money you spend on average on gifts?”asked the international company its user. It came out that the Germans in Europe spend a lot of money for gifts. Every 6 German, according to the study, investing more than 400 euros a year in gifts for friends, relatives and acquaintances. Although this is a decrease of about 10% compared with the previous year, Germany thus occupies the 3rd place in the world.

Only North Americans spend more money on gifts. The survey also shows that the Germans, as well as most of the other countries would give more, if your income is higher. Worldwide approximately 300 billion dollars spent annually alone for gifts. Retailers make the largest sales expected in the run-up to Christmas. Especially the Germans place value on the “Individuality of the gift and that it perfectly” suits the donee. For the ‘ perfect gift’ search for the Germans in the average about 5 hours and admit that it is connected to this search for them mostly with high stress. Especially men find gifts shopping as stressful. 78% indicated that gifts shopping for them is not fun, this percentage was only 15% in women.

80% of all respondents confirm that they, if the possibility of an exclusive gift, would strike immediately. Increasingly coupons for quality and extraordinary gifts belong to the most popular gifts, according to, the study alongside classics such as books and CDs. So give already over half (52%) of all respondents especially in the Christmas season more vouchers to fall back. While they want to invest in average 40 euros, 2007 this figure was still at 30 euros. The poll surveyed 5,000 maxXwon members over a period of 1 month. The international “Internet platform deals with the subject of the perfect gift” and offers its members on its Web site a selection of more than 1500 exclusive and individual gifts, which are tailored to all budgets. Currently, maxXwon can boast a tribe of more than 10,000 members. The company was founded in the second quarter of 2009 and enjoys a strong growth. Until end of 2009 maxXwon is a customer base of 100.000. maxXwon Fuente de Felicidad belongs to the Group S.A., which is registered in Costa Rica and also headquartered. For more information, see The Law firm Bufete Serrano matey Lic.

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