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Posted By on September 22, 2013

It preferred not to compare to its equipment with other great sets of history. It hopes that in the future this Bara it is remembered like one of the best ones. It praised to I read Messi, " it is the best one than I have seen and surely I will not see another one igual". The azulgrana trainer, Pep Guardiola, have assured that it would like that in the future his Barcelona it could be remembered like " one of best equipos" of history, although he does not know if it will be possible. After winning by 3-1 to Manchester United in a great party, Guardiola does not know if it is possible to be compared to his Bara with the best equipment of the history of soccer.

" It is impossible to know it. I have seen Real Madrid de Di Stefano neither to the Ajax of Amsterdam nor to the Liverpool. We would like that they remembered to us in the future like one of the best ones, but I do not know if conseguiremos" , the azulgrana technician has said. Guardiola are boarded two fundamental questions in the press conference subsequent to the party: the paper of I read Messi and its future like trainer of the Bara. As far as the Argentinean, his trainer undid in praises. " It is the best one than I have seen and surely I will not see another equal player, without him we would not have this jump of quality. We hope that one does not become bored and that the club puts to its side the players to him so that it feels cmodo" , there is this Guardiola, in clear rrencia to the future composition of the group. As far as his future, the azulgrana technician has remembered whom it has left a year more of contract – until June of 2012-, but also which I do not know sees twenty-five years in Barcelona, the time that takes Alex Ferguson in the United.

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