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Posted By on April 8, 2014

It is against this background that we have been witnesses of the concentration process that is taking place in the Brazilian bank with an aggressive policy of acquisitions taken ahead by the main organizations that operate in the country and with the resonant fusion between the giants Ita Bank and Unibanco creating to the new giant that has begun to operate with the name of ITAUUNIBANCO (BVSP: ITAU3; NYSE: ITU). Also against this background we have seen how government of Lula da Silva continues ahead with his Plan of Acceleration of Crecimiento (PAC), that among others implies policies of support for strategic economic sectors considered for Brazil in the new world-wide configuration as they are it the power sector (with the impulse to the development of oil areas and the biocombustibles), the aeronautical sector, automotive in its segment of hybrids and the one of the agricultural commodities, sectors.

All it makes think that the present crisis, will not stop the process of global change that is being experienced and that enters the opportunities that offer for the developing economies of Latin America, approaches a potential demand to him in growth of foods that the sprouting of a strategy has caused of expansion of great companies of the region. In relation to the previous thing, in past articles it had spoken to them of some Brazilian companies of the meat sector, JBS S.A. (BVSP: JBSS3) and Marfrig Foods (BVSP: MRFG3), that in the heat of were process of expansion of their operations at international level entering the new markets that were being abriendo. This strategy of international expansion that has initiated several Brazilian companies already, is being imitated by other companies of the country (also imitated by companies of other countries of Latin America). It is so the Brazilian Sadia (BVSP: SDA; NYSE: SDIA3) and Perdigao (BVSP: PRGA3; NYSE: PDA), two of the main companies food processors of Latin America, finish reaching a fusion agreement that will harness the growth of the new company.

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