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Posted By on November 19, 2013

The triumph of Strap in Ecuador, reelected with a 51.7% of the votes, fortifies the left movements that come giving in the region. This block, constituted by Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Cuba and Paraguay, has chosen to fortify the participation of the State in the economy and to reframe its relation with the United States. 21st century socialism, called thus by president Correa, looks for so much the wealth redistribution as the divorce of global financial and banking institutions (the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank). The thought of this block summarizes the words of Strap: ” the changes are possible but outside the capitalist system, within new socialismo”. These changes look for through new processes of integration, like The Common Market of the South (Mercosur) and the Bolivariana Alternative for the Americas (White). Mercosur is a commercial block that promotes the free interchange of goods, people and services.

Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela are States Parts (the main axes economic). Although Mercosur has not entered in force for want of ratification of the parliaments of States Parts, is a firm attempt of regional consolidation. Also, Dawn puts emphasis in the fight against the poverty and the social exclusion, using left doctrines to reach this objective. Strategic collaborations and alliances in the political, economic and social sector are obtained. In the international plane, they count on great challenges and opportunities. To the being exporting of raw materials, mainly petroleum and gas, at the moment undergo of the low world-wide price of commodities.

This will make difficult its public cost to stimulate its economies during the present crisis. Nevertheless, also a new diplomatic stage between the United States glimpses and the region with the entrance from Barack Obama to the North American government. This regional phenomenon is an answer before the aggressions perceived on the part of international organisms. The distrust of the United States is the factor that unites to these four nations. For this reason, it will be important to analyze development of this block, because their expositions of Latin America seem to consolidate partly.

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