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Posted By on June 4, 2013

Marketing in action: among worst appear the situation, less effort is required to change it and has greater potential for advancement. George Soros General insist on highlighting the importance for the Venezuelan SMEs according to their products, administrative structures, and their resources, take very seriously the opportunities that are occurring in the country, despite the turmoil he generated, where manifested decoupling between the State, enterprises and the universities themselves with their faculties of Economics and social sciences. It is necessary, that entrepreneurs, its management, compenetren in evaluating the possibilities that have been generated with the Government’s new actions to give way to a new foreign trade policy to empathize in the economic programmes and expansion of Government and venture into those markets. We are fully aware that a comprehensive SWOT analysis, it would cover many pages in this brief article, therefore limit ourselves to give guidelines that allow to give a vision of our reality, corresponding to those interested in doing more detailed research. SWOT of the Venezuelan reality. Weaknesses shortage of capital. The limited and unequal access to institutional credit markets.

Poor linking of programs of the State with the corporate sector irregular access to domestic and imported inputs coupled with a higher cost, product perhaps of parallel to the exchange control mafias. Underutilization of production capacity, since they do not have enough capital to invest. Inadequate infrastructure facilities, inadequate technical and managerial skills. The weak bargaining power, which is a most important obstacles in the process of internationalization preparation, training of CEOs and marketing opportunities: the export of a specific product taking advantage of a market niche, since it is easier to break down the barriers with a single product while they are published in the new market. Partnership with other companies to achieve the appropriate level of supply that concrete export business. Indirect export as supplier of inputs for companies with export activity, either in an initial tranche and / or through a production process whose final stage into an exportable product.

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