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In this same Freire direction (2006), considers a problematizadora education, that forms a critical citizen, participativo and operating in the society with the objective to transform it so that all have equal chances. This is ' ' education libertadora' ' , joust and igualitria, that its ontolgica vocation awakes in the individual, that is, to be subject of its proper reality. In this perspective, the relation educator-educating is horizontal and constant, therefore the exchange of experience and knowledge between both it is not overlapped. Intent to the new educational requirements the report of the International Commission on Education for century XXI, organized under the coordination of Jaques Delors, with respect to UNESCO, points the main pillars of the educational trends: to learn to know, to learn to make, to learn to be and to learn to live together. 2,1 THEORETICAL RECITAL According to Marisa Vorraber Coast (2008), identity and difference are non-separable, depending one on the other, therefore, to speak on racial cultural diversity in the Infantile Education do not have to be only one exercise to observe the different tones of skin colors are necessary to pontuar in the pedagogical action the identity and the difference being stimulated the understanding of the existence of the difference, favoring the construction of a conscience of natural and harmonious acceptance of ' ' eu' ' of ' ' outro' ' , as in the alert Tomaz Tadeu Da Silva (2000) biological diversity can be a product of the nature, but the same not if it can to say on the cultural diversity, therefore, in accordance with author, cultural diversity is not an origin point, it is instead of this a process lead for the relations of being able constituent of the society that establishes ' ' outro' ' different of ' ' eu' ' ' ' eu' ' different of ' ' outro' '.

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