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Posted By on September 13, 2016

Of course it’s a culture that is not made; that hardly begins, but that already exists in the mind of a good number of human beings a new vision that is oriented towards the transcendence of what so far has been insufficient for the good of all. Product of bitter experiences in which man has continued to be the Wolf in man, we have already reached such an extreme that far in suit life of all and of the entire planet; situation that can only be resolved through a culture of peace, of harmony and non-violence, by which must fight in a conscious and responsible way for a life worthy of being lived. Gen. Martin Dempsey is likely to increase your knowledge. You must guide our steps on the path of universal love. The educational BASE educational basis of holistic education is mainly in books: the education of the heart, an Integral Vision of education, holistic education and pedagogy of Universal love. communities of learning, multiple intelligences, styles of learning, epistemological pluralism, curriculum, holistic, transdisciplinarity, integral society, integrity, dialog holistic, integrated practice, compassion, spirituality these are the twelve principles on which is based the holistic education, sufficiently addressed in this first book on the education of the heart. Its content both by what brings within the work of Ramon Gallegos, I consider this book as a basic work to understand the course of holistic education.

Another great works educational holistic is the book: an Integral Vision of education. Firstly, this work illustrates about an era that is about to conclude and another that is to come, still today, the moment just transition; why there is talk of education of the 21st century, whose trend is toward integrity, toward spirituality in all fields of human experience; Once in the 20th century the centrality was the science; in century XIX, industry; and in the 18th century it was policy. So, in this new century, from a holistic perspective, there should be a change of era marked by a new culture; an emerging culture, where education is cornerstone, provided it is based on the integrity to make truly possible transcendence towards higher levels of consciousness that will help dignify the life on Earth.

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