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AS TO ORGANIZE the PEDAGOGICAL WORK IN the INFANTILE EDUCATION Vamilson Souza D Espindola SUMMARY: Historically, in Brazil, the Infantile Education has been faced of diverse forms: as function of social assistance, as sanitary function or hygienical e, more recently, as pedagogical function. In general way, we can say that, in our country, two types of Infantile Education exist, constituting an educational system that it aims at, since more tenra age, strengthen the exclusion and the present social injustice in the capitalist economy: it has ‘ ‘ Infantile education of the Pobres

Infantile education of the Ricos’ ‘. Word-key: Pedagogical work. Infantile education. Organization. INTRODUCTION ‘ ‘ Infantile education of the Pobres’ ‘ she is based on the conception of that the children of the diligent classrooms have deficiencies of all the types (nutricionais, cultural, cognitivas, etc.), which need to be compensated by the school, end of that, in the future, the children can have some instruction and, thus, to play its role in the society: of worker.

The mothers of the diligent classroom need some place where its children can leave during the day, and for this the public day-care centers and daily pay-schools had been created, place where the children could supply the lacks proceeding from its social environment. Since such children are considered very ‘ ‘ carentes’ ‘ , any given attendance they is satisfactory, therefore already it can be seen as an improvement in the stimulatons that receive in its natural environment. Work presented to the Course of Pedagogia in disciplines of Practises Educative of Module V in the year of 2010.

Graduated Physical Education for the University of the South of Santa Catarina in the year of 2008. In this way, an attendance in the Infantile Education is created where we find: overcrowded classrooms, few adults to take care of to a great number of children; improvised and inadequate physical spaces, where the children not they can be put into motion freely (because the space is small and/or dangerous), as well as they do not find stimulatons or challenges; unconcern with the aspect essential of the Infantile Education, educating and taking care of (indissociveis one of the other), after all, the child is there only so that its mother can work; adults who act next to the children, with little or no pedagogical formation, since they are not considered as educators, but as dribbles.

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