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In the Context of the new Tyrolean schnapps route can be explored selected distilleries in the region in informative tours. Wild herbs with all your senses enjoy also the popular herb walk takes place in airy heights. On a leisurely tour of trained herb teacher Susi Vianello, the participants collect different herbs and find out interesting facts and useful. As explains, for example, how one distinguishes edible from poisonous plants. After we process the wild herbs fresh spreads and there is of course also a tasting on home-baked bread.

This is my personal highlight of the trip,”laughs Susi. Future herb professionals”reveals they also equal to one of her favorite recipes: Herb spread Sue style ingredients: 250 g cottage cheese 250 g sour cream different herbs such as chives, parsley, Ganguly, Silverweed, dandelion, Hirtentatschel, garlic mustard and wild spinach. Salt, pepper, herbs wash, chop finely and mix well with the cheese and the sour cream, to taste pepper and salt (the best herbal salt tastes). With flowers such as daisies, violets and dandelion decorate and set with fresh rye bread. “Culinary events: Haller radish Festival, 27 April 2013, Stiftsplatz, 10 till 16: 00 as Austria’s largest vegetable garden” is often referred to the area around the towns of Thaur and Absam. 60% of all radishes grown in Austria and many more vegetables vegetable here in the North Tyrolean Genussregion ‘ grown. The harvest is celebrated at the annual music, local delicacies and of course radish radish Festival.

Italy guest in Hall, 31 May & 1 June 2013, upper town square, 10 am to 10 pm la vite bella!” Under this motto, the beginning of summer with numerous Italian cuisine and Mediterranean charm on the upper town square is welcomed. Haller dumpling Festival, 19th & 20th July 2013, pen, 17-22 h (FR), 10 am to 10 pm (SA) Already for the seventh time, the pen place dumplings enthusiasts can enjoy and the many / varied selection tasting. Tyrol, Indian, or Mexican dumplings, sweet or sour, the Haller restaurants offer something for every taste. The popular Haller Weinherbst held Haller wine autumn, 6th & 7th September 2013, 17-22 (Fri), 10 to 22 clock (SA) on the first weekend in September. For two days, 14 wine offered exclusively Austrian wines for tasting and purchasing. In addition to the noble grape juice and typical Heurigenschmankerln, music provides mood and best entertainment. Bio mountain peasant feast, 14 September 2013, organic specialities Stiftsplatz, 10 am until 5 pm and enjoy the motto of the organic mountain farmer Festival. BIO from the mountain, the brand of the Tyrolean organic farmers, and the Hall of city marketing download organic farmers from Tirol, Salzburg, South Tyrol, Trentino and Friuli in the historic renting. “Autumn feast of the Haller farmers market, 05 October 2013, upper town square, 9 to 13 h to Thanksgiving” with open-air concert download the farmers of the Haller farmers market in September and offer at the same time cheap promotions for potatoes, apples and other typical storage products.

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