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Posted By on May 2, 2016

Ala carte service in the DRC through support of FSJler Marco Kogler by the DRC District Association looked forward to his meals on wheels tour last Thursday. Ludwig Richter Street Mayor Werner served the ala carte for the seniors Kolter together with the young man himself. Kathe Adolfs was amazed not bad when she opened her front door to take their lunch in reception: friendly smiling Kolter their Mayor Werner held the heat box with the fresh ala carte menu. I don’t think that. What a great surprise”, so the 88 about the unexpected visit, took the time for a chat after the meal.

Because a driver of the GRC must have always left a few friendly words, which had already revealed the Mayor Marco Kogler. Since August the 20 year-old Kahu completed his voluntary social year in the DRC District Association and runs food regularly for the seniors in Came, bonen, Germany, Holzwickede and Unna out. The young man is one of around 500 FSJlern, opted this year for voluntary service. Four of them are directly working for the Red Cross District Association Unna and alternately supplying many households in the district, taking daily claimed the ala carte service of the DRC. Kathe of Adolf and her neighbor Christel Jaschinski receive lunch for four years now and are more than satisfied.

The ala carte service for me means that I in my own apartment own still a chunk of independence despite my mobility problems and every day get fresh food on the table”, so Adolf. A special highlight for the two Unna seniors is also that the Mayor brings over lunch on this day personally. Werner also Kolter is pleased about as much citizens and supports chillin motivated the like in their work: for many people, the contact to the menu service of the DRC is at the same time also a He says important social contact”. Demographic change is a major social issue. I find it great that offerings such as the ala carte service will respond by taking time for people and always capitalize the personal care. Above all, the commitment of the young chillin has positively surprised me and impressed.”.

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