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The fashion searchs to ahead express a standard of the social classrooms and the times being considered then ephemeral and with the objective to divide or to unify ideas and behaviors. Its bigger expositor can be considered as being the clothes, therefore it this on one to the man since the beginning of the life, in this way it is necessary to understand as clothes if it became so close of the man and as the fashion gained force of its history inside. 2.O CLOTHES the clothes varies in different parts of the world, and this difference occurs because the individuals use it for distinct reasons, uses materials and techniques varied in its confection following diverse standards of clothes traditions. To limit the modeling of clothes under a vision of its development in the sample one constant perfectioning of techniques. The clothes, used as fusing between the body and the culture, have diverse functions whose origins are complex.

As Hunter (2002) the historical events reflect in the way to dress of the people; war, moments of wealth or poverty, religious influence at last, all the phases lived for the man had influenced the clothes. Perhaps the main and true reason of the sprouting of the clothes, has been same the combat to the cold, finds in Laver (1989, P. 7), ' ' throughout history it did not have much variation how much to this aspect, and is possible to find types intermediate. The clothes passed for long transformations and adaptations, that throughout the time, the techniques to use the skins of animals had been improved, arriving until the discovery of the fiber, in which, it started to more develop elaborated clothes. At this time, the use of diverse materials, made with that the clothes inside gained an aesthetic and symbolic value of the civilizations, the models had been moving of length, some more decorated and other more simplified.

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