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In the book, the authors present discurses on history of the education of history, as much as she disciplines pertaining to school how much as science. Knowing to make history in classroom is dealt with as responsibility the professor who will apply the method of the inquiry and the construction of the fact history in classroom having helped the pupil to construct to concepts, respecting the limits and possibilities, detaching the importance of the historical temporality, exploring the line of the time and its meaning. Schmidt and Cainelle (2004) suggest the use of the historical document in classroom and the new languages to construct local history, to relate with national and universal history, thus the pupils together with the professor preserve the historic site, value the knowledge for the creation of museums, also using facts of the reporter of the press. In general way, the proposal of the cited authors is the one that will be used in this monograph, as for the construction of regional and local history by means of construction of verbal knowing. this with the possibility of use in classroom as didactic text where the pupils also participate of this construction, searching, investigating, planning, trying, debating, photographing and interviewing citizens that participate of the process of construction of history in the gift, rescuing memories history of the past to modify with quality the future route of history. Borges (2009) in, its book ' ' What it is histria' ' it presents the history of history, developing the daily pay-history of history and its appearance as science.

It deals with to theological history, the erudio, the reason and of the progress of this it disciplines. Analyzing the historical materialism and academic history with its current perspectives in Brazil in the schools and the scope of classroom. The cited author affirms that, currently, history in Brazil faces a great challenge that is to prepare professors and pupils for the historical production, constructing to know of form ' ' to interdisciplinar, looking for to become possible the dialogue from a diagnosis of the gift, without disrespecting the past with future objectives more, a time that does not have a constant and gradual line of development in the history of the humanity for all the societies and nations.

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