Florbela Espanca

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According to poem can assume that You appeal was person muitorara and very loved, person of great importance for Florbela. According to AntonioFreire (1977: 57) described the relation thus: ' ' The certain that Florbeladedicava to the brother a friendship, a ternura, as of mother the scared son. Except it who better understands, who looked for to alleviate its young women, quempassara screen one of the most original pictures of the poetess; who, finally, private, as it, of the affection of father and mother, more lode to need the afetomaternal, that it already since the four years it dispensava.' ' Noutraspalavras, Antonio Freire sees the relation between them as relation of amizadeprofunda, of great devotion and of great sentimental pureness. According to Claude Alonso (1997, p: 31-32), Florbela delineated, in its verses, some images of itself, for diametrical opposing times. Underlying to all the images that it constructs of same itself, are the problem feminine daidentidade, therefore to each written poem and each finished book, umpouco more than Florbela if disclosed to the world. Through its writings, Florbelateve the ousadia to reveal as woman who conclama the right to feel and to darprazer, even so only started to be public recognized many years later. Based in what it are displayed, it is observed, then, that it they amorem Florbela appears in nuances varied, since the exploration of the unconditional love, the loving ravishment, the praise to the love, its valuation distinguished, until suadesvalorizao for the other, which always is desire object, but, ironically, in its essence never it was materialize. In short, the universopotico of Florbela Espanca admits many doors to unmask it, mainly, when it is about its related multiple facetas aoamor. FINAL CONSIDERAES As sepode to observe, the florbeliana poetry were, therefore, emgrande part inspired for its proper life and the relations that had made partedela, therefore are of a great dramatical expressividade, possess a load emocionalque become it different of the poetry contemporary.

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