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TRUE the AMBIENTALISTA Rodrigo Dallacosta Academic Ambientalista of Ambient Management Joaaba – SC 17/06/2010 With the increase of the purchasing power of the Brazilians due the stabilization of the economy in the country, also increase its power of consumption, this imply daily in the increase of the amount of garbage generated for the population. Research in accordance with carried through, the daily garbage average produced for Brazilians arrives the mark of 1.152 kg (Kilograms) for inhabitant, reaching similar indices of European countries. This would not have problem some if the system of collection and garbage recycling was effectively efficient, thus preventing, problems sufficiently known ours as the super capacity of aterros and lixes. It stops assisting in them in this daily task to collect and to recycle the garbage, we count on the aid of true anonymous ambientalistas, the CATADORES OF SUBSTANCES YOU RECYCLE, that in turn, many of them do not possess in mind the size of the importance of its work for the society and the environment mainly, is followed of ticket that for many people until is kept out of society. Its work consists daily of, walking with its stands of collection for the streets collecting and separating diverse types of materials, that can be recycled and that they contain some value of aggregate sales as: paper, metal, plastic, glass among others, after the collection the material is carried to a storage center where it is weighed and chemical preparation for the recycling. This work formiguinha of so great importance, takes off of the streets and of the certain destination the thousand of tons of garbage daily, preventing that good part of this finishes being deposited in the nature them worse possible ways, another consequncia of this work is the economy of electric energy that if have in virtue of if to need to extract little substance cousin of the nature, for existing in the market biggest available amount of recycled material already, preserving the natural resources you renewed or not, giving its contribution for the support, without speaking that they generate income for the families of these collectors, and put into motion the economy through the great companies of recycling who buy this type of material. Now it is the hour to reflect on the subject and to think, would not be this our task? In accordance with to separate to the solid residues the types of substances that can be recycled, in view of that we are we ourselves who we consume and we generate this garbage daily. Many people possess this good habit, betting in the recycling of its domestic garbage as form to give its contribution for the environment, what she does not please in is in below knowing them that more than the half of the Brazilian cities does not possess a system of selective garbage collection, placing for water all ecologically correct work who we made.

Here the collectors are distinguished again of recycle, and the importance of the existence of this classroom of workers, who play a wonderful role for the society and the environment. Therefore we homage with the heading. THE TRUE AMBIENTALISTA. ‘ ‘ God, in its infinite wisdom created the nature, with intention to perhaps express its art in most perfect of the harmonias, where differences of colors, forms, drawings and landscapes are the attractive one for the eyes of that they know to usufruct it and preserv-la’ ‘ – Rodrigo Dallacosta rodrigo.

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