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Nicodemos said to it: How can a man be born, being old? He can, porventura, to become to enter in the womb of its mother, and to be born? Jesus answered: In the truth, in the truth I say that one to you that not to be born of the water and the Spirit, cannot enter in the kingdom of Deus.' ' Also in 2 Corntios 5:16,19: ' ' As soon as, if somebody is in Christ, new creature is; the old things already had passed; here it is that everything became new. That is, God was in Christ reconciling obtains the world, not imputing them its sins; put in us the word of reconciliao.' ' This stretch of the bible can mean the possibility of starting of new, where the dreams before invested and carried through cannot be left stop backwards or to die so that let us reconcile in them with our natural one (power to be) allows new forms of to exist. She is necessary also that the man lives deeply this fights, the sadness in if unfastening of this something so that the new process of acceptance invigorates it. The process if initiates in the illusion, purpose, as condition for the outcome that is not the end, but the beginning. Reencontro with the meanings and significaes that we live deeply passes then to allow an understanding of these losses leading to a growth of one to know to live of new. In dying this direction is sufficiently on to the feeling that the person has for and of its life. The direction is a proper gesture. The life is a contingency that at any time can being taken off in them. To each day, minute, second that it is transferred we are each time more close to the death. If to make use to live the life of the best significant form is to make of ours to die one constant to live.

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