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You can offer the products you want in the quantity that you want. What you do to promote any product is to register on the web site of ClickBank. Once you have an account, go through the ClickBank market, which is the place where the products are displayed and find an extensive list of available products. You choose which one you want to sell and automatically creates what is called a HopLink (link that leads directly to the sales page), which is the code for a listing that you can insert into your blog, articles, forums or other sites that you visit or comment. Every time someone clicks on that link, be referred to the website of the product and there is a purchase, the affiliate earns a Commission created by the seller. This Commission could vary from 1% to 75%.

ClickBank for sellers.-the owners of products, on the other hand, have a digital product that want to sell, then offered the same to ClickBank and jointly determine a reasonable price to establish a Commission. Once everything is approved, the seller pays an activation fee of 49.99 dollars, and the product enters into the market.In that this benefits the owners of products? They can sell their products to consumers who seek through ClickBank market directly or through subsidiaries marketing or people affiliated with the product through the links from affiliate. Why has Clickbank become popular for sellers?The reason that this platform has obtained so much popularity for sellers, has been that frees them from spending much money in sales campaigns both Online and Offline. Using the ClickBank system, seller even though it pays a percentage of the price of your product for each successful sale to affiliate, the advantage you get is that its sales doubled or tripled in relation to other types of advertising or how to sell. In summary, ClickBank acts as an intermediary between sellers and affiliates, and allows both sides of the equation to win. Therefore if you want to start businesses on the Internet through the Affiliate Marketing, this is the more recommended way of doing this, both for the minimum investment initial, as by the ease of obtaining products to promote.

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