Catholic Reformation

Posted By on September 15, 2013

With the intention of to serve the truth, service that the regional mass media and the own ecclesiastical hierarchy have not fulfilled sufficient uprightness; I make clarity on the authenticity of the Independent Apostolic Catholic Church of Colombia, that is been for the Department of Meta in the municipality of Acacias and, is represented by Father Pedro Arnulfo Sanchez, who Was ordered by Monsignor Jorge Humberto Gartner Lopez. I showed as it before the Archbishop, Monsignor Oscar Urbina Grouse and before Episcopal Vicar Carlos Eduardo Quintero – looking for bows of union in a world so divided, I want now to explain step by step that the Traditional Apostolic Catholic Church owns legitim Apostolic Succession; therefore, the sacerdotal Arrangement of Pedro Father is valid, participates in the licitud in the light of the Code of canonical Right that prevails to the catholic Church, and in that we can read: The 1024 Only baptized man receives the sagrada arrangement validly. 1025 1. He stops the allowed arrangement of presbtero or deacon is required that, after realising the tests that the right prescribes, the candidate reunites, according to the own Bishop or of the competent greater Superior, the due qualities 1033 " It is only ordered allowedly who has received the sacrament of confirmacin". A revision of the mentioned Code evidence that Pedro Father cannot be described like irregular receiving the Arrangement and, in addition fulfilled the previous requirements before its Bishop, without incurring impediments, since it never belonged to the arquidiocesano clergy, and mainly, it is sheltered under the Apostolic Succession.I insist on the legitimacy of the Apostolic Succession 1, because the one is indeed that aspect that the mass media have not wanted to show, and the authorities connected with the church have not wanted to accept publicly, although they admit privately it. This apparently deliberate silence, often fed by descalificativos terms of those who are more calling to speak with exactitude, cause confusion in the community and letter against which the Canonical Code affirms in canon 220: To anybody he is allowed to injure illegally good reputation to him that somebody enjoys, nor to violate the right of each person to protect his own privacy.

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