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Posted By on May 2, 2016

The most popular holiday destination and the way of life behind… Recently Louis Kreisberg sought to clarify these questions. To spend the holidays in the warm travel and holiday country Turkey, the approximately 4.5 million Germans wish each year. If you are travelling in Turkey is experiencing a foreign culture and fairly quickly get to know the differences between Turkish and German way of life. Make holiday relaxed and restful Turkey, one should be a few thoughts about the culture before the vacation planning, one expected to holiday in Turkey. The first pictorial ideas are not so alien. Who has, expected as a tourist to find again in an Oriental bazaar and found only veiled women, is completely wrong. Stylish, modern apartment buildings, impressive shopping centre and well-equipped facilities remind more of the Standart in Germany.

Nevertheless, there are differences which become noticeable especially in the Turkish way of life. So begins the day in Turkey just a bit later and lasts for much longer than in Germany. Most Shops rarely open before 9:00, close it but only at midnight and later. On the side of the road, you will find small stands and grills that cook fresh food, especially fish and vegetables. The time runs differently who travels in the popular destination in Turkey, should bring a lot of time in any case, because rush or stress is here almost a foreign Word! So for example the departure times of the buses are very variable and usually only shuts off when ever enough passengers have found. You get to know the Turkish shopping culture best when visiting a bazaar – this is always a very special experience. The variety of goods on sale here offer a mass retailer. Everything is offered up to open from the sunglasses spices here.

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