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Still in the increasing commerce, specialized store exist, mainly come back toward activity of the field, where they disponibilizam professional specialized in activities farming (agronomist, veterinarian, zootecnista among others) to duly assist the necessities of the great farmers and agriculturists of the region in its activities. Due to cattle being so intense, and large-scale, and possessing a great bovine flock the city of Araguana received the heading from ' ' Economic capital of the Norte' ' ; regarding this fact Pear tree and Saints, (2005) it says in them: That when interviewing traders of this city of Araguana, were possible to observe that the consuming market in its great part if concentrated in this city being preponderant factor for its installation, situation that took the company to mount branch office, in the year of 1976, with intention to take care of the consuming market, therefore its matrix that is in Goinia already was not enough, due in the distance, to take care of the local necessities and regional, to only have an idea 30% (thirty percent) of the consumers they are paraenses and/or maranhenses. With the gradual development in the farming area in this region in last times are well-known to detach that some bem-feitorias had occurred and come happening due to this activity, with for example the pavement and opening of highways and roads, the agricultural electrification, the construction of bridges, the implantation of the railroad North-South highway … and these companies of bigger transport, as is the case of the Agroquima, it terceriariza 02 (two) doctors veterinarians, 01 (one) engineer agronomist and 06 (six) technician farming to take care of its customers beyond the employee conventionals who the company possesss. (PEAR TREE and SAINTS, 2005, pg.09) In this context it is noticed that due to necessity, a city it creates new a meaning to take care of a slice specifies detainer of capital however before mentioned in the previous paragraph.

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