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After to lock up its bacharelado one, Smith returned the Esccia and started its academic career, first giving doubtful courses of English literature e, for return of 1750, it was turned the treatment of problems of the economy, come to create a good reputation in the half academic. Then, he was elect to give lessons in the chair of Logic of the University of Glasgow, later, assuming the chair of moral philosophy in the same university. Already in 1759, that is, to the 36 years, Smith published its first workmanship, ' ' The theory of the feelings morais' ' , come back to the study on moral and psychology. Then, in 1976, Smith published its workmanship master, ' ' The wealth of naes' ' , where it was worried in delineating a new route for the societies in regards to the economic plan. In its workmanship, the author works the idea of a market that if would autorregularia, that is, does not become necessary an intervention of the State in the Economy, after all, without the said intervention the market would go if molding to the interests of the population.

For Smith, a free market will be able in accordance with to produce the expectation of the society, producing good in the amount and the price that it waits. For example, if it has only one trader that sales cotton candy in determined society, it could place the prices in the platform that understood well, but in the measure where the too much members of the society perceived the great edge of profit that the cotton salesman candy is having, would go to appear new salesmen of cotton candy and, consequentemente, the prices would go to adjust themselves to the binomial offer/look for. In this direction, we see that Smith inside defended the ideals of the liberalism of the Economy, however, she did not deny that the State, in prompt occasions, would have to intervine to prevent the occurrence of monopolies or commercial cartels, a time that to the market to autorregular itself needs competitiveness, exempts competition, in order in such a way to take care of the yearnings of the society in the production how much in the offered product quality and even though in the price of these.

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