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Daisann McLane ‘Little Adventures’ founded 2009 in Hong Kong, the native New Yorker wanted to help visitors discover the Hong Kong that they know and love has learned. Daisann McLane little Adventures”2009 Hong Kong founded, wanted the native New Yorker help visitors discover the Hong Kong that they know and love has learned. Since then each year doubled with a customized approach, multilingual attendants and entertaining programs such as the wonton-a-thon”, an introduction to the culinary highlights of Hong Kong Street stands and snacks, has become the business of Little Adventures”. Even 2013, this success seems to repeat. I don’t use the term tour for our programs, it is rather to field studies tailored to personal interests”to Hong Kong. As a cultural anthropologist “my focus on the interplay between fieldwork and fun is, Daisann McLane says.

Prior to the founding of Little Adventures”McLane was not necessarily as Entrepreneur. After the travel writer decided to move to Hong Kong her friends recommended the step into self-employment. Hong Kong is so much entrepreneurial spirit in the air, you can literally inhale it. At the beginning, I was amazed how easy it was made me to start my business. Though what’s driving Hong Kong’s economy, I believe to know, I didn’t, that there is a whole branch devoted to helping start-ups.” Their business idea owes its Kantonesischkenntnissen Daisann McLane. The language fell in her time in New York and in the 15 years as rice author. Friends of friends had signed up for the arrival in Hong Kong and tips asking, to Hong Kong’s lesser-known places to explore for example the old Hakka villages in the new territories or the social construction of apartments of the 1960s, for. So I decided, from the culinary, cultural, social and political perspective to present Hong Kong people, detached from the typical tourist focal points.” Thus no tourist mood”comes up, Daisann McLane strictly adheres to the rule of not more than 3 persons to take part in a program.

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